Is It Just Me, or Is the Pencil Shorter at the End of This?

[High Praise! to Calvin A]

[Doodling in Math Class: Infinity Elephants] (Viewer #2,268,774)

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  1. This whetted my appetite for a slower, less frenetic stop-action video of 4of7 creating something.

    This kid didn’t achieve any mathematical or artistic breakthroughs, IMHO. Thus I was puzzled — did he think he was the first kid ever to doodle in his notebook? I have a hunch that everyone here drew something even neater in their school notebooks. (Way back before people stopped using the word “neat.”)


  2. Someday, Oppo, someday… (sigh).
    What kind of equipment do you suppose they used to make that video?
    Camcorder? Cell phone? Something else?

    I’ve tried using infinite progressions before.
    They’re a good way to fill space and polish up a design.
    But not with circles – or elephants… but there’s something there I can use.
    Hmm… something to think about.
    PS: I just finished a New post at Little Worlds tonight (3/23/14) .



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