Liberty Island

So Liberty Island (which has published my short story, “Who Murdered the Dinosaurs?”) has a press release explaining it and what it’s trying to achieve in putting out creative work by conservative and libertarian authors. So if you’re interested in reading or writing fiction (or any other creative endeavor), make sure to check it out. And make sure to read my story (if for some reason you haven’t already the funniest story ever), and if you register there, make sure to write a review for my story. And check out the other stories there as well (I’m not sure what’s my favorite of the stories I’ve read there so far — maybe “The Biscuit Boy”).

Seriously, though, I’m going to keep pestering you all until everyone reads my story.

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  1. @2: Hey, I had a dominant Irish-American mother and I turned into a dominant Conservative who doesn’t follow orders very well. Plus, I only read Frank here – well, I did, when he used to write here.

    Okay, I confess I read it. And I peek at his Twitter page every day. But I’m mostly interested in IMAO.

    Blogs are only on the way out if you want them to be, Frank.



  2. Jimmy,
    It’s not that I’ve given up on blogging, I just have a very limited amount of writing time lately. Hopefully something that will change soon.



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