Link of the Day: It’s a Semi-Intelligent Universe

[High Praise! to 4of7 of Little Worlds]

2014 Fresh – February. (Plus One)

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  1. I’m still trying to figure out “One True Path.”

    BTW, 4of7, I still see a hot air balloon. But I’m working on seeing a light bulb – maybe a light will come on and I’ll see it floating above my head!

    🙂 You’re amazing.


  2. #1 – Jimmy,
    What’s amazing is that I didn’t intend there to be just ‘one true path’.
    I selected 10 colors and started to color in the pathways, starting on the left, lower side with the first pointy-bit, and following it around to the other end.
    When I used all my colors, bless me but there was one path left to color, and that one was dead center below the cross at the bottom, middle of the design.
    “How appropriate!” I thought, and selected a 11th color, (light green) to fill it in.
    It goes from the bottom, to the center, and out to the edges and back to the center 5 times before returning to the bottom, center edge to make a complete loop.
    I didn’t plan it that way, and if I’d tried, I probably would have screwed it up somehow – (like I’ve been doing with that @##$%&!! semi-intelligent design I’ve been working on!) – but sometimes the randomness works for me, and I’m lucky enough to notice it when it does.
    That’s what keeps it interesting!
    Oh, by the way, I finally DID create a perfect version of that design this month, which I then smugly entitled “Inteligent Design.”
    Yes, I misspelled intelligent – in indelible ink too. D’OH!



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