Link of the Day: One More Season and We Get a Movie

[High Praise! to Neatorama]

Go to Graph TV, type in the name of a TV series, and it will return a graph that looks something like this (I’m using “Community” as an example):

X-axis is the episode number.

Y-axis is the IMDB rating for that episode.

Each season is a different color, and it has a trend line drawn through the data points, telling you whether people thought the season got better or worse along the way.

Apparently “Community” Season 4 really stunk (and I have to admit, it kinda did). I’m glad to see that season 5 seems to have found the old groove again.

Anyway, click the link, plug in your favorite TV series, come back here, and tell us what you learned.

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  1. what i learned is that my favorite show seems to not have existed. i guess 1961-1965 doesn’t count.


  2. We’re too old, jw. One of mine is the 1950’s Dean Martin / Jerry Lewis Show that is airing again on a Seattle broadcast station (digital chan. 7-2). Great stuff.


  3. @2 Jimmy
    mine was the 1961-65 Defenders.

    btw i’m not old. i’m like merlin. “for merlin time ran backward. he was born old and he didn’t age, he youthed.”

    no freakin idea where that came from.

    @4 Harvey-

    then bring me a beer. 🙂


  4. Graph the Community seasons against Dan Harmon’s involvement, and the problem with season 4 becomes pretty obvious.

    I’ve been addicted to that site, by the way.


  5. @6 – I know… it’s taken all my willpower to not graph & compare all the television iterations of Star Trek.

    I’m curious to see if everyone really thinks DS9 is the best (which is what I’ve always heard)


  6. What I just learned from this is that Magnum, P.I. was the most rock solid tv show ever and, far from jumping the shark, ended on a high note!

    Either that or Americans are just crazy about Tom Selleck’s mustache… or his 80s short shorts… Hold on I need to check Blue Bloods!



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