Random Thoughts: Billionaire, Robocalls, and SATs

If he defended a cop killer, think of how well he’d defend you who probably haven’t killed a cop.

Writing is a lossy compression which allows you to transfer your ideas to others.

The most money I’d ever want is $999,999,999 because people really start to resent you when you’re a billionaire.

I’d kinda like an island, though. Where I can hunt man.

Apparently information isn’t destroyed in a black hole and will eventually be released. Still, I’d backup on DropBox.

Robocalls would be awesome if they were actually robots calling you… unless it was a Roomba because then it would just be vacuum noises.

*phone rings*
“Kill all humans!”
“Gah! Not another robocall!”

My SAT score was really important for a much smaller amount of time than I imagined.

I took the SATs back before they added the essay question since women can’t do math.

I won’t tell you my SAT score, but just guess what it would be. Nope, higher than that. Nope higher. Okay, too high; go down a little. Boom.

The key to a good SAT was taking those Princeton practice tests over and over. Don’t know if that changed.

Never quite understood what the ACT is. Luckily that wasn’t an SAT question.

We could making harder for a woman to become president by adding a math section to presidential debates.

With all these delays and website failures, is it even disputable that Obamacare was made by idiots who had no idea what they were doing?

I will proudly tell my grandchildren I was against the first black president being a useless nitwit.

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  1. The ACTs were for the kids who didn’t show up sober for the SATs.

    I was thinking about the Girl Scout who parked outside a place selling dope and she made mounds o’cash. Couldn’t a tax preparer do the same thing if they parked outside a Women’s Studies college?


  2. Are robocalls what Robocop goes on?

    Do robots come when they hear a robocall? If so, that’s another thing for Basil to add to his list of things he can just let machines take care of.


  3. I think one problem with science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education is that most teachers (until high school almost all) are liberal arts majors and aren’t required to take a lot of math and science. Perhaps my sample of the population is too small, but that seems to be the way it is.


  4. My guess is that Frank got somehwere between 1450-1550 on his SATs. If we’re putting money in a pool, my specific guess is 1480: 780 in math and 700 in verbal.

    Do I win a prize?


  5. When I took the SAT Physics exam, it was full of questions about vacuum tubes. I almost aced it because of a teenage interest in electronics. 10 points if you can guess the decade.


  6. @12: “2010’s” doesn’t sound right. A better answer, I think, is “teens.”

    No, really, why would a 60’s-era SAT physics exam concentrate on 40’s and 50’s technology? Answer: the test writers were really old and it’s all they knew that was somewhat current. (No, Oppo!)

    I’m blown away now about how much I don’t know.


  7. I took the SATs back before they added the essay question since women can’t do math.

    Snot. I can SO do math 😛 (In fact, I was on scholarship all through college and tutored math to pay for incidentals)

    One of the most disturbing things I ever heard: A middle school counselor with an advanced degree telling me that she couldn’t explain the difference between 7th grade Pre Algebra and 8th grade Algebra because she didn’t get that far in math.

    True. Very sad. Story.


  8. Well, my SATs were OK, but my grades in college stunk. I lost confidence in math, and you have to take a lot of math in an engineering curriculum (especially if you are dismayed when you see a partial differential equation outside of math class). Then again, my math score was 200 points lower than my verbal score. Learning to stay awake past 10 PM (OSAICSPM) probably didn’t help.



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