Random Thoughts: Breaking Bad, Nate Silver, and Homosexual

Kinda surprised how many people didn’t like the Breaking Bad episode Fly; probably made a difference whether you were binge watching or not.

I thought it was a good episode, but I could see how people would be disappointed if you had to wait a week for the next episode.

Does Nate Silver change the results by observing and reporting them?

Heh. That cat looks so grumpy.

So how are Democrats reacting to losing the Senate?

Dogs do not appreciate magic.

“Homosexual” is now derogatory? Did MMFA just make that up because they were running out of things to criticize FOX News for?

Anything is derogatory if said with the right inflection.

So apparently, NYT published an article on the term homosexual yesterday, and MMFA is dinging FOX News for not immediately changing. Not immediately changing based on the cultural authority of the NYTimes. How do those kneebiters at MMFA live with themselves?

If we had a more functional media, Harry Reid would have been laughed out of office years ago.

Because of the popularity of Dr. Who, are Daleks in ads everywhere in the UK for things like facial creams and such? “EXFOLIATE! EXFOLIATE!”

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  1. “Homosexual” is now derogatory?

    It’s the prefix, “Homo”, Frank.

    See, “homo” has both “ho” and “mo” in it. We all know what “ho” is. And “mo” stands for “mother.” So, there you go. You’re basically saying “Your mother is a whöre.”


  2. Does Nate Silver change the results by observing and reporting them?

    This would be true if he were measuring temperature, but since we’re talking about politics here: no, democrats are just morons.


  3. All things change by observation as it is quantum mechanically impossible not to. But thermodynamicists know this even better than quantum mechanists because we understand heat better.

    Example: You open your fridge to read the thermometer inside and viola! You read the temperature but you warmed your beer.


  4. So, I’m confused. Bitch is OK, bossy is up in the air now, but Homosexual is bad?

    Can we get a special dictionary for this kind of thing? Some kind of government approved verbiage list?

    Wait, isn’t that unconstitutional?


  5. @9: Your eyes are probably fine. But you might try cleaning your screen. I used to have to do that often as Frank would make me spew coffee.



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