Random Thoughts: CPAC, Frank J. 2016, and Cosmos

BREAKING: For the first time in CPAC history, the winner of the Straw Poll was “curly.”

Why hasn’t an atheist opened up a Chick-fil-A competitor that is only open on Sunday in defiance of God and all His creation?

The difference between Biden and Obama is that Biden’s stupidity is mostly harmless.

It’s okay for races other than Caucasian to have diverse political opinions. You shouldn’t freak out when you see a black Republican.

Brick and mortar jerk stores have been failing because of the easy availability of jerks online.

As a programmer/digital circuit designers, I can say that the most difficult thing in the tech world is plugging in a USB cable first try.

A reminder for CPAC: I will be old enough to be president later this year.

If elected president, I promise to play video games all day while letting everyone solve their own damn problems.

“You don’t bother me, I won’t bother you,” will be my entire inauguration speech and the last speech I give. #FrankJ2016

I will consider myself a success if by the end of my term half of Americans can’t name who the president is. #FrankJ2016

“No matter what the conditions are in the country, I get paid the same. Figure it out yourself.” #FrankJ2016

Finished House of Cards. Pretty curious where they’re going to with things in a 3rd season.

“Want to hatefully denounce everyone who disagrees with you as bigots? Are you smug and immune to irony? Maybe Democrats are right for you.”

I’ll acknowledge that Sarah Palin is unbelievably stupid if you at least admit she’s smarter and more experienced than the current president

Ron Paul had a way of delivering his message to make it very popular among a very fringe group. Will be interesting to see how Rand does.

In reality, the only way to get someone like Ron Swanson in government would be against his will.

Can’t believe we get one less hour this weekend. Wouldn’t it be better to set clocks forward in the middle of the workday on a Friday?

If Charles Dickens was such a great writer, then how come it was someone else who wrote the screenplay for The Terminator?

3yo daughter Sunday morning: “See I’m yawning? That means I’m tired.” Hey, don’t blame me; blame the government.

“We need to tell the government, ‘No no no. Don’t change the time!'” Preach it!

The voices in my head keep telling me I’m insane and a danger to society. Why do they lie? I swear I’ll hurt people until they stop lying!

Just realized I never set up voicemail on my iPhone I’ve had for a few months now. Oops.

I no understand news! Who is Barraco Barner? Is there internet page for me?

Yglesias’s suit looks like what someone in 2014 would wear as envisioned in 80s scifi.

The depiction of our asteroid belt on Cosmos was scientifically inaccurate; should I not listen to the rest of the show?

So, True Detective… worth watching?

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  1. Beware of the asteroids with mass drivers attached; it means that the aliens think we may be dangerous–unless said asteroids hit the sun, then the aliens just saved our bacon.


  2. FrankJ, you seem to have your finger on the pulse of all the big questions facing us in the future. Perhaps you can help with something that has been troubling me. Will it just be called the ‘T’ test when they eliminate the SA portion in 2016?


  3. Where’s House of Cards going? Obviously, we’ve a dead congressional aide to find and a hooker on the loose. Rachel should have been pushed in front of a subway episodes ago. Or at least coaxed into a three-way with Claire and Frank. (Underwood, not J.)


  4. >> You shouldn’t freak out when you see a black Republican.

    I read a great article last night.

    “When one hasn’t formed conclusions about which one feels rationally secure, it results in a sense of anxiety and feeling attacked that causes one to strike out — in rage, usually verbal — against those who dare to dissent in any way.”
    -Michael Hurd


  5. >> Yglesias’s suit looks like what someone in 2014 would wear as envisioned in 80s scifi.

    All it’s missing is the double-tie that middle-aged Marty McFly was sporting.


  6. Last Year I invited myself to CPAC under the premise Black folks need to be where our interests are in play and at risk..


    CD’s tired rant about Dr.Carson is old news and advances nothing…. I was hoping to get an invite to CPAC this year and offer a presentation on how to recruit Black Americans to CPAC, clearly they did not have an interest in my presentation.

    That is not good news….


  7. “Why do they lie? I swear I’ll hurt people until they stop lying!”

    Do all crazy people hear these voices? Cuz I know another crazy person who does.


  8. @10 So YOU’RE the one to blame?? Stop it already.

    These poor crazy weak-minded people are very impressionable. And they’re hurting people who they think are lying. But they don’t really recognize a lie because…yeah…they’re CRAZY.

    This will not end well.



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