Random Thoughts: Firefly, Cronyism, and 2014 Strategy

We do understand, right, that under no circumstances whatsoever would Democrats admit Republicans aren’t racist? Why listen to them on this?

It would be funny if FOX announced “We’re bringing Firefly back!” and then released a Duck Soup reboot.

Netflix getting the government to enforce “Net Neutrality” would be a good example of cronyism.

I love Netflix, but I’m not going to pretend I _deserve_ it and the government has to step in to make sure I can keep streaming it.

“Multiple skull fractures, and what’s your story, Jill?”
“He fell fetching a pail of water.”
“And I’m sure you tumbled right after him.”

If you can build a better mousetrap, no one really cares anymore. Should’ve built an app instead.

The great thing about being married with kids is I no longer feel like a loser for staying home and watching TV Friday night.

FRIENDS: “It’s Friday night! Let’s go do something.”
ME: “But Firefly is on; it looks like it could be good.”

Man, I missed a lot of original airings of Firefly episodes to try and not be a loser. Wasn’t worth it.

“Daddy, what’s Britain?”
“It’s an island far away that makes quality programming for PBS.”

My advice to Democrats it that you should run on gun control and Obamcare in 2014. But keep in mind I hate you.

I hate all politicians, so don’t feel special. I wish you could all lose every election, but our stupid system means one of you has to win.

Non-biodegradable products are awful. If you have any, throw them out.

What’s difference between “bitches” and “hos”? Trying to figure which is appropriate term when I’m rapping about how much I love my wife.

Brewed myself a cup of coffee using the pour over method for the first time. I declare it a success. Of course, I’ve never once in my life said about a cup coffee “This is too strong.”

“Hey, sweetie, with the pour over method, the coffee has almost a fruity flavor to it. Try a sip.”
“Tastes like motor oil.”

Staying home from church with sick daughter. Don’t think I’ll catch what she has, though, unless I feel the urge to eat a ton of lip gloss.

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  1. “It would be funny if FOX announced “We’re bringing Firefly back!” and then released a Duck Soup reboot.” Wait’ll you see what the reboot of “Chico and the Man” is really about…


  2. I never got the Jack and Jill story either. My problem was the ‘going up hill’ to get water part. Ike Newton noticed that water generally gathers in low places…like the Oasis where Garth hangs out with his friends.

    However, now I am more concerned about the ICD-10 codes to be used for such an injury. As near as I can tell, Obamacare will cover the brown paper, but not the vinegar required for treatment.


  3. Jack and Jill went up the hill
    To fetch a pail of water
    Jack got beat up by EPA thugs for draining a federally protected wetland
    And Jill was threatened with accessory charges unless she turned state’s evidence


  4. Jack and Jill went up the Hill,
    To fetch some new Entitlements,
    Jack liked it so much he stayed for 20 years and got involved in a kick-back scheme, came under Federal indictment, but was let off by Eric Holder,
    And Jill, being Miss Goody-Goody Two Shoes, is just a Liberal idiot because she ‘hearts’ Hillary Clinton.


  5. What’s difference between “bitches” and “hos”? Trying to figure which is appropriate term when I’m rapping about how much I love my wife.

    Wigro, PLEASE! Who the flock do YOU think you ARE? Jamie Kennedy? Eminem? You don’t be rappin about your bottom byotch, dig? That ain’t no Eight Mile or West Side! That mess just don’t rule! Rap about a side bitch you be runnin’ that happens to be a ho! How she be forcin’ you to keep a pimphand STRONG!

    I swear you Afro-Saxon wannabe people are some connivin’ and thievin’ Caucasians! Pillaging from the vast trove of Negro style!

    But you go ahead on, Shug WHITE, show you got unintended jokes!


  6. Was the Firefly series dropped because it encouraged resistance to ‘big government’?
    Whose ‘blue gloved’ men in suits paid a visit to Fox Headquarters… to ‘stop the signal’?


  7. On extreme mornings (overslept, no time for breakfast) I scoop a teaspoon full of ground coffee from the can on the kitchen counter and drop it between my gum and cheek like a chaw of Redman and hold it there on the drive to work.
    Then I brew a pot of the best coffee in the world -(any coffee someone else pays for)- at work and wash down the soggy quid.
    By opening time I am Ready To Take On The Day!
    Where’s that buzzing sound coming from?
    Oh, never mind, it’s just my heart.



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