Random Thoughts: Freedom, Writing, and Kochs

We should have a branch of government that protects individual freedom from government overreach.

The problem with freedom is that it takes so much constant maintenance. And good luck getting anyone to honor the warranty.

Though published by HarperCollins, my books cost $2 and $5. You get more than your value for them no matter what a court says.

I have a third book, coming in November, BTW, but this time in low-tech physical form.

It should have a cover by November.

I can’t make a lot of promises on the book other than it will have a lot of semicolons; I love semicolons — when I’m not using dashes.

“Kill them! Kill them all!” -Donald Rumsfeld’s default foreign policy advice

With this promotion of birth control as a fundamental right, I hope people are pointing out that promiscuity is still not a great idea.

8 Ways Lists Get You to Click on a Link

“You don’t have the freedom to object to things I tell you to pay for.”

The greatest trick the Koch brothers ever pulled was convincing the American public they don’t exist.

Started to receive tips for my story at Liberty Island. I like verbal feedback, but money also means you liked it.

I guess you should support a minimum wage increase if you’re pro-robot.

One thing I noticed from that article: I have trouble trusting anyone named “Frey.”

Freedom, responsibility, religion — these are the beasts we must slay to have an orderly, progressive future.

So how many Supreme Court Justices have the Koch brothers paid off?

All this talk about virtual reality being the next big thing is giving me early 90s flashbacks.

People must feel pretty dumb to be a part of a company Facebook isn’t buying for billions of dollars.

If you have a Nintendo Virtual Boy lying around somewhere, Facebook will pay you $5 million for it.

Do people who want to crush a business over not paying for a few abortifacients pretend they like freedom, or are they done with that act?

“I never met a man I didn’t compare to Hitler.” -modern day Will Rogers

“Forever Obamacare was delayed, hanging over the people like a threat. But should they ever displease the president…”

If the opinion is that companies aren’t allowed to be free, then it should be illegal for any company to disallow guns on its premise.

Maybe this could be a 2014 strategy for Obama: “Reelect Democrats, or I’ll stop delaying Obamacare!”

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  1. ““Kill them! Kill them all!” -Donald Rumsfeld’s default foreign policy advice”

    Now, if he had said, “Get off my planet!” with regard to Islam, I could have supported him 100%.


  2. “Reelect Democrats, or I’ll stop delaying Obamacare!” I believe you’re on the right track here…this would make an excellent campaign slogan for the Democrats to use prior to the upcoming mid term elections.


  3. Do the owners of Hobby Lobby have a lot of money? Like, could they retire? Because if this whole thing goes sideways, I think they should immediately transfer as much assets as possible offshore, shut down all operations, and hold a press conference that says, “Congratulations, you just cost America 21,000 jobs. One way or another, you were never going to force us to pay for your abortion pills.”


  4. @9

    do the owners of hobby lobby have a lot of money? it is a privately held company, so the net value is not public. Forbes estimates the net worth of the founder, david green, at $5 billion. he is 73 y/o. retirement is not out of the question, though i suspect that if he wanted to retire he would have.


  5. Believe it or not there are some Christian business folks that actually believe that how they are on Sunday should be how they live on Monday. Here is a qoute from a Forbes interview with him:

    “I don’t care if you’re in business or out of business, God owns it,” says Green. “How do I separate it? Well, it’s God’s in church and it’s mine here? I have purpose in church, but I don’t have purpose over here? You can’t have a belief system on Sunday and not live it the other six days.”

    He could very well take his ball and go home but he actually believes that he has a responsiblity to keep the folks that work for him and all the other activities that depend on his stores, employed. His only crime is asking that he not be forced to violate the ethics that has made him sucessful in order to keep being sucessful.

    And to the left that is why he needs to be destroyed.


  6. See, I’m the kind of guy that if I had $5bil and the SCOTUS just tried to force my hand to do something I deem unethical, I’d shut down out of simple spite. Even if I took a loss of half of that money to do it.

    The left want to force him to provide his employees something. If they get the backing of the SCOTUS, he needs to shut down. IF ONLY to prove that, even with a SCOTUS ruling, they can’t force him to do anything – and that trying to will cause far more harm than the help it purports to give. The left needs that message pounded through their thick skulls. If this goes sideways, the narrative should be, and often repeated: “SCOTUS ruling and liberal ideology costs 21,000 Americans their job.”


  7. I know this is going to sound weird to some folks but a man like Green believes that he has to fight to protect those ethics. He knows he could just go along with it and probably still make a ton of money but he will not do that. However you can bet that if he loses the battle and it come down to either sacrificing his belief and keeping it going or shut it down then that is what he will do. It will not be done out of spite because doing something out of spite often hurts those that have nothing to do with it. It is funny that this conversation is taking place because I am addressing this idea to the Sunday School class I teach about the temptation to compromise and do the wrong thing for the right reasons and this is the perfect illustration for it.


  8. @13
    i agree with you. i may or may not share Green’s beliefs, but at his age and with his money, this is not a fight that he had to take on. it is a fight he felt needed to be fought and he was willing to do it. definitely worthy of respect.

    i am curious as to what he will do if he loses, however. sell the business? close the business? keep the business open, cancel insurance and pay the fine-oops the tax-? hopefully, he will win and we will never have to find out what he would do.

    my personal experience has taught me to never bet against a self-made multi-billionaire. YMMV


  9. I am curious as well. I do know that if he liquidates the company 90% of it goes to ministries and charities he has selected and the other 10% goes into a generational trust for his family.

    This also reminds me of another qoute from the founder of Chik-Fil-A that the left doesnt seem to understand about business

    “I believe no amount of business school training or work experience can teach what is ultimately a matter of personal character. Businesses are not dishonest or greedy, people are. Thus, a business, successful or not, is merely a reflection of the character of its leadership.” S. Truett Cathy


  10. AwesometificAmerican & jw

    The dilemma is even more acute for The Little Sisters of the Poor. It is not just a business that they would have to sell or close down. If the court doesn’t find in their favor they will either have to provide contraception, abortions, and sterilizations that would, in their view, imperil their immortal souls – or they must abandon the work they believe God has called them to do.


  11. We should have a branch of government that protects individual freedom from government overreach.

    Bureau of Sabotage would be good, but I’ve been pushing for a “Dept. of Redundancy Bureau” for a while.

    Their job is to trim other bureaucracies.

    Bureaucracies always expande and that’s one bureaucracy that would increase freedom every time it expanded.


  12. @17

    i think the correct name is “The Department of Redundancy Dept. Department”. the offices are in Walla Walla, Pago Pago and the international office is in
    Bora Bora.

    @16 DamnCat
    right you are. i had forgotten about them.


  13. Raise the age requirement for all Federal offices to 90.
    That way, although they may still be power-mad and dishonest, at least they won’t hang around for 40+ years.
    And Harry Reid wouldn’t be eligible to run for office for another 14 years (born 1939).



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