Random Thoughts: Obamacare, Leland Yee, and Racism

How many regenerations does James Bond have left?

Are we making fun of the North Korean haircut thing or are we noting that the Obamacare precedent makes that possible here?

But what if someone who goes on a shooting spree decided not to obey the gun magazine size limits?

Its cheaper to drop health insurance entirely than to provide it sans coverage of 4 abortifacients. That will lead to lots of great outcomes.

I am excited for the next Community episode; not on until next week, though.

“According to this chart, there’s a 78% chance you’re a doodie-head.” -young Nate Silver

Wait, what are the age of these mutant ninja turtles?

How pervasive is the view that black people can’t be racist? It’s beyond idiotic, but I’ve seen it many times.

I guess “ironic” would be the best description of that view.

I imagine a world one day where all idiotic racists, regardless of their skin color, will be shamed away from polite society.

My 10mo old son sure reacts to being suddenly picked up much more calmly than I do.

Pitching a wacky, gun-running buddy flick starring Eric Holder and Leland Yee.

In this information age with drone warfare, knowing is actually now 62% of the battle.

Leland Yee has made a lot of news, but how many vocal gun control advocates are actually gun smugglers? Probably no more than a quarter.

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  1. “Oooo…make them members of a really wimpy motorcycle gang – “Sons of Hypocrisy” ”

    Motorcycles? Naaah, put ’em on old coaster-brake Huffys wearing those goofy plastic half helmets.


  2. As someone who pays abosolutily no money to view this site and therefore feels a sense of undeserved entitlement, I demand that the feature “It is Always Sunny In Washington DC” or whatever it is called be replaced by “Sons of Hypocrisy” starring Holder and Lee. Make it happen IMAO!



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