Random Thoughts: Pi, Citizen Kane, and Veronica Mars


When liberals try to explain why conservatives can’t be funny, it always seems rooted in a deep-seated insecurity.

At some point at 1:59 on 3/14 was there a pi moment where date and time equaled exactly pi or is that not how irrational numbers work?

Got a email from DSCC that just said: “Koch! Koooooch! KOOOOOOOOOOCH!!!!! Donate now.”

Is Ed Koch running for office again?

Can’t wait to see Veronica Mars again battle her arch-nemesis Jenny Jupiter with her telekinetic powers. What was that show about again?

I’m tired of the two major political parties so I think I’ll switch to the Green Party. The “green” in their name refers to money, right?

How are all you people watching movies backwards?

“Bank error, not in our favor!” -me finding bugs in 8-bit PIC assembly code. None of you will get that.

I’m tired of making fun of this president; I want a new president to make fun of… one with an easier to imitate voice.

Bet I could do a good Frank Underwood impression. Basically just Foghorn Leghorn.

I am shocked — shocked — to find that there are exposed, live wires in here.

So has the #BanBossy campaign worked yet? Have women started being less bossy? Hasn’t worked on my wife so far.

Mathematical constants get really angry when you tell them they’re being irrational.

A long time ago, we used to watch Veronica Mars. But I haven’t thought of it lately at all.

There is no real proof robots exist, just a few grainy photos of them taken by hunters who claimed to have seen one in the woods.

It’s been tough to avoid spoilers, but I’m finally watching Citizen Kane this evening.

Wow. I’m really intrigued. What could be this “Rosebud” that were Charles Foster Kane’s last words? It could be ANYTHING!

Didn’t like Citizen Kane. Was expecting a big climax with a gun fight. It’s like the director never saw a summer blockbuster before.

And why would he care about his one sled from his childhood when he was rich enough to buy a whole warehouse full of sleds? Idiot.

“Wow, this sure is a golden age of piracy.” -something probably not said by anyone on a ship getting boarded during the Golden Age of Piracy

Why subject another person to being White House Press Secretary? We have the technology to program a robot to not answer questions.

“You’re not answering our questions; you’re just saying, ‘Kill all humans’ over and over.” #RoboPressSecretary

If Republicans are so anti-science, then how did they figure out how to reprogram Diebold machines to automatically give them votes?

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, and that Die Hard is a Christmas movie.”

Often seems like the only thing the left learned from the civil rights movement is that some viewpoints should be banned from civil society.

The State Department should also issue travel warnings when there are terrific savings on vacations.

Something I still don’t understand about this missing airplane: How does a metal vehicle weighing a hundred tons fly in the first place?

Not saying it’s a conspiracy, but that doesn’t really make sense does it?

When traveling, my side of the bed is always the one closet to the door because I’m supposed to fend of intruders or something.

Don’t know if I’ll have the energy to sit through the Veronica Mars movie, but maybe smoothie my wife made will help (come on now, sugar).

She hasn’t talked to Logan in 9 years, but she has his name and picture on her smartphone for when he calls? #VeronicaMarsMovie

My wife has watched the show so many times, I just went and bought a digital copy of the Veronica Mars movie.

I assume they make a lot more money from that than from a couple movie tickets… If price structure anything like Kindle books.

Having completed the first season of the 2005 Dr. Who revival, I’m ready to call myself a Dr. Who fan.

I’d hate to be on the edge of death, questioning whether I said quite enough angry things about gay people.

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  1. Is Ed Koch running for office again?

    Yes, but he’s running in Chicago this time, not New York, and is expected to win election, thanks to voters who share an important demographic with him.


  2. Yes, join the Green Party! Run as Green Party candidate for local, state, or federal office. Yes. Green Party does mean making money, and creating revenue. The Green Party’s Green New Deal calls for Rail jobs, solar jobs, geothermal jobs, conservation jobs, weatherization jobs. Eco for the economy. Every dollar invested in rail creates $28 dollars economy benefit. That’s Green Party making money and profit for the community. Building Green Party rail increases the value of our homes, businesses, and community. That’s making green money. Rail increases revenue (money) for our schools, police, and fire departments. Yes, rail is the Green Party money maker.


  3. @3 – See, this is why I hate greens – they think that the “economy benefits” of government spending are precisely equivalent to private sector profits.

    Which couldn’t be further from the truth.


  4. “Didn’t like Citizen Kane. Was expecting a big climax with a gun fight. ”

    You must have watched the domestic release. The European version had car chases through the streets of Berlin, explosions, and Kane shooting the Luger out of Hitler’s hand in a gunfight on the Hamburg docks as Kane sought to recapture the cure for polio from the Nazis.


  5. “Bank error, not in our favor!” -me finding bugs in 8-bit PIC assembly code. None of you will get that.

    I got it. Almost as funny as me trying to debug MY first (and last serious attempt at) PIC code.
    (At least when I use my time on Rocksmith I accomplish something tangible.)



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