Random Thoughts: Side of History, Rights, and Alan Grayson

Let’s not focus on who is on the right or wrong side of history; at the end of the day, we all get participation trophies.

I knew if I just kept wearing dull, uninspired clothes, eventually I’d be trendy. #Normcore

“If you really like something and think you need it, you have a right to it.” -too many people

All I ask is that voting taking at least a marginal amount of effort so as to disenfranchise the exceptionally lazy.

The Democrats should do their own version of Scooby Doo where when they pull the mask off the monster, it’s always the Koch brothers.

“Old man Koch was scaring people away from government reliance!”
“Would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for you meddling Dems!”

Do you think Hillary is going to run on how she’d tried to stop the Russian with a fake, plastic button?

Has the left considered sitting around in front of banks and yelling to no particular purpose?

Haven’t seen any of True Detective. Can’t get over how generic-sounding the name is.

“Booooosh!!! I mean… Kooooooch!”

So, does anyone have an idea what this is about? Because, sorry, no, it’s not real.

So what indication was there that Alan Grayson is an unstable nutbag other than everything?

I’d like to watch some HBO shows, but I’m not willing to pay $100 a month for it and get a cable subscription again.

“Alan Grayson, when did you stop beating your wife?”
“Trick question! I never stopped beating her!”

Don’t put the door to your safe room right next to the door of your unsafe room because you can mix those up in a panic.

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  1. “If you really like something and think you need it, you have a right to it.” -too many people

    You know, except guns.


  2. But guns are an actual enumerated right.

    Also, there’s two guys where I work think the hoverboard is real.


  3. @2 – in one specific respect, I’m glad people believe the hoverboard story – it shows a certain optimistic faith in the progress of human technology. A belief that the never-ending parade of the scientifically miraculous is to be expected.

    Reminds me of the way people used to think about the limitless potential of harnessed electricity in the early part of the 20th century (God Bless Thomas Alva Edison).


  4. @3 Harvey, unfortunately with these two one is an idiot and the other is the most gullible person I’ve met.


  5. I’m just WAITING for an opportunity at my kid’s soccer game for someone to complain about the coaches so I can nonsensically go into a faux-liberal Harry Reid-style meltdown about the Koch’s for no apparent reason.



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