Really, It Fixes Everything

A new study shows that Los Angeles has the worst traffic in the nation.

Well, there’s only one obvious solution: a new tax on people who don’t own cars.

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  1. Why not? Obama’s a highwayman.

    A special tax on Cadillac plans . . . death panel vans . . . illegals getting a free ride . . . “If you like your detour, you can keep your detour . . . and, of course, Obama will insist on still calling this a “freeway.” The only people to support it would be fellow travelers.


  2. This is the solution to joblessness!
    Have a job? No tax.
    No job? pay a tax.

    “But, DamnCat.” you say “How can I pay a tax when I don’t have a job?”

    1) Not my problem.
    2) You don’t have to pay. The prisons are full of people who don’t pay taxes.
    3) Stop talking to cats – it makes you look crazy.


  3. Living in Iowa, I’m not really sure what traffic is, but I can’t recall a time when Los Angeles didn’t have the worst traffic in the nation.

    And can somebody stop putting quaaludes in DamnCat’s tuna?


  4. @6: Apparently, however, you’re crazy for having asked the question (you talked to a cat!), but showed good judgment to listen to his answer.

    Does this make the Cat a pontificator? Or are some of us just crazy? I ain’t asking him because I don’t talk to Cats.



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