The Obvious Explanation

[High Praise! to Freedom Is Just Another Word]

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  1. Well, here’s an odd thing about unbiased Google:

    I just Googled “Rspect” (this is Saturday morning — the gaffe happened Thursday night) and the results returned not a single mention of Obama’s gaffe. Not one. But it did have this anti-GOP blurb on the first page of results:

    RSPECT * – Proxy – Highlight

    Watch RSPECT in the WRKO Audio … CNN’s Dana Bash accused Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) of “Mean Tweeting” when he sent out a tweet comparing the current Ukraine …


  2. @3 – Odd… I just Googled “rspect” and Obama’s all over it.

    Still, I do agree that it’s not still not getting the attention it would if a Republican had said it.

    To be fair, though, this is not a Dan Quayle moment. Quayle corrected a child with his wrong spelling.

    Although it wasn’t necessarily THAT wrong:

    The New York Times used “potatoe” in 1988 – 4 years before Quayle’s gaffe.


  3. Grrr….. my mistake! Would you believe that I forgot that I’d switched search my default search engine, and Google is no longer it? My apologies to Google Inc. — (but I ‘m not switching back). FYI, it was “,” and there’s still nothing there.



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