Uh… I Think This Is Good News?

[High Praise! to Liberal Logic 101]

Exit question: what weather-related phenomenon would NOT be indicative of global warming?

Would it do the trick if, say, every day, the temperature were exactly the same as it was a year ago?

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  1. Weather related phenomenon NOT indicative of global warming? What if it rained cats and dogs? I’m not talking about a lot of rain here, I mean literally a billion cute fluffy little puppies and kittens—and older cats and dogs—impacting at a velocity of about 32 feet per second² from say 4000 feet. Now you gotta admit, that would be hard to blame on global warming.


  2. The opening of the Silver Surfer FF movie made me laugh when it snowed in Egypt and the news said, “Scientists have ruled out global warming”.

    Which we know is a BS, that would have been the second thing they blamed it on.

    We all know the first thing the Egyptians would blame it on, think, “Head northeast from Egypt”.


  3. Wait a minute, I think it DID snow in Egypt this year!
    And the Dimocrats in the Senate Still had a over night circle j*rk debate about Globull Warming the other day. (sigh)



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