Where Does He Keep Finding These Guys?

Another winner – Obama’s nominee for Surgeon General said that “guns are a health care issue”.

Of course. That’s why the 2nd Amendment says, “if you like your guns…”

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  1. I think that the point that we have all been missing for the past couple hundred years is that there is no provision in the Second Amendment for what to do if we don’t like our guns. Had the founders been wise Latinas, for example, they might have said “if you like your guns you can keep and bear them”. Obviously the messiah is far wiser than those who came before.


  2. Guns are a health care issue. And I, for one, am tired of all the free-riders who don’t own guns yet rely on their neighbors or the government to shoot criminals for them.

    Insure the uninsured!
    Gun the ungunned!


  3. If guns are a health care issue, then cars are, too. You can’t pick on just one. Maybe bathtubs as well.

    Should automobiles and bathtubs come under the Surgeon General’s purview?

    [This guy puts the “prog” in prognosis. Next thing you know, he’ll be issuing Priuscriptions and soaporifics.]



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