Who Murdered the Dinosaurs?

It’s a new site for libertarians (sorry, Carpenter) and conservatives who write fiction: Liberty Island. You can go there and read a bunch of great short stories, and if you’re a writer, submit your own work.

Hey, what’s that? It’s a story called “Who Murdered the Dinosaurs?” by me! Yes, my first piece of published fiction, and reading it is MANDATORY. And not like Obamacare mandatory; real mandatory.

Anyway, If you liked my In My Worlds, it’s a similar style humor, and it’s about two CSIs finding out that the dinosaurs didn’t go extinct through natural causes — they were murdered! — and they need to find the culprits before they come after humans as well. I wrote it on a lark between some novels I’m working on (which I hope to have news on soon about when you get to see those).

So go read my story, and register and write a review if you like my story (but don’t write anything if you don’t like my story because you don’t want people to know you’re weird). And read some other stories at the site as well (I haven’t had a chance to read them all yet, but what I’ve read so far has been great).

So go. NOW! And then tell me your favorite lines; I always like that feedback. Mine is the one about “yellow gold”; I really like that one for some reason. And my favorite part is either the part with the rival CSIs or Devereux talking to her boss.

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  1. Mandatory assignment completed. It was a nice story. I identified with Braeburn. Mostly because I too lash out violently when I get nervous.

    Or lonely.

    Or hungry.

    Or bored.

    I was surprised there was no discussion of dolphins as suspects. I’ve always been wary of them at Sea World. Not sure why, I just get a strange tingle (the instinctual one, not the Chris Matthews one) when I’m around them – like I sense malevolence. Then I lash out violently.

    Consequently, I’m not welcome at Sea World both in Florida or California.


  2. read the story. liked the story. favorite lines:

    “And the case of the health-conscious cannibal who only ate vegans.”


    “Devereux stood beside him, looking blonde and confused …”

    and “penguins”


  3. jw,
    The original line was:

    “And the case of the health-conscious cannibal who only ate vegans (caught because he mentioned how he only ate vegans in pretty much every conversation).”

    But the parenthetical statement got cut.


  4. Frank – Assuming this gets beyond the IMAO Banning Filters, the typo is actually a missing word in the third sentence. And you can have the fifth star since I’m not using it.


  5. I think Steve is referring to a game from my youth where we laid cards on tables and turned them sideways to tap magical forces out of them in order to build an army of monsters to attack each other. It made everyone who played it worship satan and try drugs.


  6. “Who Murdered The Dinosaurs?”

    Some say they died in the Cambrian explosion.

    Or maybe it was a meteor impact, in which case it was Ejecta Ripper.

    Or maybe it was Carpenter after all, having heard that they evolved from the scum of the earth.

    Check also on Cops-A-Plesiosaur.


  7. @13 – Corrections, if I was to be super-picky:

    Braeburn had worked many odd cases as a crime scene investigator[, like] the clown that was set on fire and thrown off a building (eventually ruled self-defense). [At] the time it was determined that the real killer was society. And [then there was] the case of the health-conscious cannibal who only ate vegans.

    I guess it really isn’t “wrong” since the paragraph runs like a list and not a group of complete sentences. My 7th grade English teacher would take a ruler to your knuckles, but (alas) I am not her. This must be the New Grammar. I’ll shutup now and get back to telling you kids to get off my lawn.


  8. @Steve H: Not bad! I hope my banishment is as lenient!

    “Who murdered the dinosaurs?”

    … Smart money is on Dr. Creationism in the sacristy.

    … Have they checked the victims for traces of mammal nitrate?

    … or interrogate Archaeopteryx at Guano-tonemo Bay?

    … and I’d take a hard look at Cro-Magnum Man.



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