Wisdom of the Day: Joke Horses Adulthood Attkisson Truckin’ Cigarettes Ocarina

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  1. “*skims article to get perfunctory knowledge of political event for the sole purpose of making a joke*”

    Hey, if it’s good enough for the president . .

    . . . and his press secretary. . .

    . . . and the State Department spokeswoman. . .


  2. @4, Dodsfall, nice one! I think that may be better than the tvtropes.org explanation and certainly, it’s more succinct; no, I didn’t link; tvtropes.org is a whirlpool, an eddy, and well-nigh a black hole; who knows when I might come out of there if I were to go in search of the “why you can’t kill Hitler with a time machine” link.



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