8 Degrees of Voldemort

(Submitted by Anonymiss of Nuking Politics [High Praise!])

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Now He Just Needs an Adorable Little Rocket Launcher

[Meet Boomer!] (Viewer #480,757)

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Our Hero!

Hillary Clinton dodged a shoe that was thrown at her while delivering a speech at a Las Vegas hotel.

You just know when she re-tells this story, it’ll become “dodging sniper fire, just like Bosnia!”

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This Is the Way REAL Moon Nukers Wash Their Hands

Glow in the dark soap that celebrates radioactivity via ThinkGeek:

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Link of the Day: Amazing What You Can Learn From Common Core

[High Praise! to Les of Nuking Politics]

Standardized Detesting

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Wisdom of the Day: Inequality Star Google Illinois Slogan

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But They Invited Us!

Russia said it plans to have an operational base on the moon by 2040.

Huh. The Ukranians must be planning to build one by 2039.

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Obama Warned Us – Optimism

“This thing is working.” —President Obama #Obamacare #8Million



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Straight Line of the Day: The Government Has a New Idea for Preventing “Hate Speech”…

Works like this: I feed you Moon Nukers a straight line, and you hit me with a punch line in the comments.

The government has a new idea for preventing “hate speech”…

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Cartoon of the Day – Pipeline

[Michael Ramirez – Investor’s Business Daily]

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