Cartoon of the Day – Why

[Mike Lester – GoComics]

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  1. Yes, indeed, and in other news, in the last several mass shootings the violent offender used : (1) shotgun, (2) shotgun, and (3) .45 pistol.

    The dreaded AR-15, the “military weapon designed to kill the maximum number of people in the shortest amount of time” is nowhere to be seen. The 12ga shotgun, favored by Vice President Biden appears frequently. After forcing us to talk about ballistics, the bad guys have apparently figured out the simple truth. The .223 is designed for long-range accuracy, and in a fully automatic weapon it becomes a long-range shotgun. At very close range it’s not a particularly lethal cartridge: very small cross section, light weight, very high speed for over penetration, and a bullet designed not to deform or fragment. Why use an AR-15 that fires a single bullet when you can use a 12ga with #1 buck that fires 19 projectiles that are 50% wider with a single pull of the trigger?


  2. What this country needs is better knife control. Why do people need long bladed assault knives anyway? No American should be allowed a knife with a blade over two inches long except maybe law enforcement officials and the military. ~ Nanny Bloomberg. always looking for a new cause.



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