How to Punish Your Brain

Wrap it around this:

[Ten dimensions] (Viewer #256,113)

(Submitted by Jimmy [High Praise!])

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  1. My brain is punished! Actually, I first watched this several years ago and have puzzled over it ever since.

    Immediately, I see at least two possible problems with his theory:

    1. “What word can we assign to the 4th dimension? One answer would be: ‘duration.'”

    And what are some of the other possible answers? He doesn’t go there.

    His treatment makes the 4th dimension semi-non-spacial since unlike the first three dimensions, you’re not free to move about because of the obvious “arrow of time” that we experience (“timeline”). Then, dimensions above four become essentially probability sets, neither temporal nor spacial.

    But what if the 4th dimension is truly spacial? And what if time is an emergent rather than a fundamental property? This debate continues in physics to this day. For decades (decades ago), physicists were selling the “four-dimensional Einsteinian manifold” theory of the universe with positive curvature (e.g., like a balloon). Lately, a lot of them are saying there’s no curvature…

    2. He kind of skips a dimension between 7 and 9 without describing what the 8th dimension could mean. This conveniently lands him at 10 final dimensions which seems a little too convenient, allowing him to cite quantum mechanics as were strings live.

    Anyway, the subject IS brutal. But I like it. Thanks, Harvey.


  2. Time is different from the physical dimensions, which are measurements of length, width, thickness, in that it measures action.
    How long does it take something to move from point A to point B?
    If nothing is moving, does time exist?
    Should mass or gravity be a dimension?
    After all, the weight of an object is something else we can measure, right?
    Then there are things like smell, color, stickiness, unexpectedness and static cling.
    If we can measure it, it’s a dimension.
    I’m thinking we’re approaching nigh-infinite dimensions before we ever get into the vicinity of multi-verses!


  3. Look, if no one is going to mention diliithum crystals and flux capacitors, I just don’t see how we can take this seriously.

    All I know is, if I go FORWARD in time, nobody will care. But if I go BACK in time, I have to make sure not to have sex with my grandma.

    Here endeth the lesson!


  4. Is there any dimension in which it would be OK to follow Joe Biden’s shotgun advice? . . . . I thought not.


    There are infinite dimensions; all of which, taken together, constitute a single data point in a new dimensional system. The debate on this is settled!



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