It’s a Crazy Religion

Saudi Arabia has declared all atheists to be terrorists in a new law to crack down on political dissidents.

Good move, what with them always attacking people while yelling “No one akbar!”.

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  1. Here in America atheistism has become a kind of a religion unto it’s self. Like all fanatics, atheists can be very intolerant of people who are not themselves atheists or share their views. Their motto…Death to the Believers!


  2. @2 we refer to it as “self defense”.

    Like all fanatics, christians can be very intolerant of people who are not themselves christians or share their views. Their motto…Death to the unBelievers!

    are we really going to start a religious war at imao? i come here in part because this place is relatively free of that.


  3. Well jw I for one have zero desire to start a religious war at IMAO. As a matter of fact…next to Vladimir Putin…I can’t think of a more peaceful person on Earth than me. However there are certain types of people in this world that absolutely just piss me off to the max. Fanatics of any sort are number one on my s-list and it seems to me that atheists have joined their ranks. Is there a cross out in the middle of the desert that no one knows about, well atheists do…better rip it down. Gotta Easter Bunny? Not any more, now we gotta Holiday Bunny. Christmas Vacation? Nope…winter vacation, and don’t you forget it. Merry Christmas? Not a chance in hell, now it’s Happy Holidays. Statue of Moses on the Supreme Court Building? Better remove it post haste. In God We Trust on the currency? Better remove that too. Bent piece of girder in the shape of a cross pulled from the debris of the Twin Towers? Can’t display that, it might upset some effing atheist. Public school student bending over…is he praying, or just getting a drink at the water fountain, better investigate him…he might be prostilising. I am not a very religious person, indeed I haven’t been to church since I was a kid…and at my age I can honestly say I haven’t been a kid in a very, very long time. I guess that’s why I look at atheists the way I do, just another group of whiners and snivelers trying to force their ideas on the rest of us. I hate um.


  4. @7 Harvey, I’m a Reformed Latter-day Snickerdoodlian, heavily influenced by the theology of Tollhouse.

    @9 jw, Oreos are to cookiedom as the Easter Bunny is to Easter, a corporate attempt to take advantage of a cookie-shaped void, with the added bonus of industrialized addiction.


  5. The only thing worth starting a religious war over is jw’s obvious ignorance regarding the Cookie Goddess’ view of oreos as ‘cookies’.



  6. @10

    amazing to me how people like you blame so much on atheists. we pretty much want to be left alone to not support your superstitions. you want to celebrate? great, just don’t make me pay for your rites. no big deal to put “in god we trust” on things? great then it can be no big deal to leave it off.

    all those awful things we do? explain to me Torquemada, or perhaps the mountain meadow massacre (that was right here in this country). perhaps the Crusades. then there was Stalin. i guess that time in the seminary didn’t stick all that well.

    so nice to know that you look at all atheists as “…just another group of whiners and snivelers trying to force their ideas on the rest of us. I hate um.”

    that is defintely not the attitude i learned in the Lutheran church before leaving and Catholic hospital where i trained. but it clearly is the attitute of most christians i meet.

    explain to me in all your good christian self rightousness why the catholics and the protestents killed each other in ireland. or why the church tried to kill martin luthor. oh, right. we won’t worry about that. we’ll worry because i don’t want to be forced to participate in your superstitious rituals on my time and expense.

    explain to me why i should support your beliefs via tax breaks. your tax exemptions for religion are outrageous, but i can’t object even though it ultimately raises my taxes. better yet, don’t explain. your self-rightous whining would be uninformative.

    well, go ahead and hate us. i’m pretty sure that you can find justification somewhere in the writings. it would be truly hysterical if you get to the pearly gates and st peter is checking things off. comes to “love thy neighbor” and sends you to the down elevator. ’cause really, you ain’t doing well on that one.


  7. Well, let’s see. Yep, Torquemada was bad, that’s why the church condemned him. Protestants and Catholics killing each other in the name of religion, but really about land and politics was bad. Jolly old King Henry the 8th declared himself the head of the church of England because the Pope wouldn’t grant him a divorce, then declared anyone in England who remained loyal to the Catholic church guilty of Treason against the crown – (did you ever see the William Wallace execution scene in “Brave Heart”? That happened a Lot! And don’t forget to mention the Witch Trials and all those awful, awful missionaries spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to the benighted heathens around the world.
    Of course, one might mention the fact that slavery no longer exists in any Christian nation around the world, or in any nation where Christians still have any influence at all. As for tax exempt status for churches, religious schools and hospitals, and charities? Well, once upon a time, at least, the government in this country saw morality and charity as good things, and wanted more of it. If you want more of something, you lower or eliminate taxes on it. If you want less of it, you raise taxes on it (like cigarettes or manufacturing).
    On the other hand, I’d have to say that the Crusades were a good thing. Oh sure, lots of innocent people got killed, but that happens in every war. The purpose of the Crusades were to called the armed might of Christendom to halt the aggressive expansion of Islam, and they succeeded. It took many campaigns and centuries of time, but, at least until recently, it Was halted, and even driven back. Nope, I just can’t see that as a bad thing.

    Now, as to all these bad things done by self-professed Christians disproving the truth of the Gospel, or making Christianity a failure, well, I think G.K. Chesterton said it very well, “When the world goes wrong, it proves rather that the Church is right. The Church is justified, not because her children do not sin, but because they do.” (The Everlasting Man)

    Finally, as to the Faith being a “superstition”, Chesterton has something to say about that as well,
    “To sum up; the sanity of the world was restored and the soul of man offered salvation by something which did indeed satisfy the two warring tendencies of the past; which had never been satisfied in full and most certainly never satisfied together. It met the mythological search for romance by being a story and the philosophical search for truth by being a true story. That is why the ideal figure had to be a historical character, as nobody had ever felt Adonis or Pan to be a historical character. But that is also why the historical character had to be the ideal figure; and even fulfill many of the functions given to these other ideal figures; why he was at once the sacrifice and the feast, why he could be shown under the emblems of the growing vine or the rising sun.
    The more deeply we thing of the matter the more we shall conclude that, if there be indeed a God, his creation could hardly have reached any other culmination than this granting of a real romance to the world. …. Beyond the broad suggestion of this chapter I attempt no apologetic about why the creed should be accepted. But in answer to the historical query of why it was accepted, and is accepted, I answer for millions of others in my reply; because it fits the lock; because it is like life. It is one among many stories; only it happens to be a true story. It is one among many philosophies; only it happens to the truth. We accept it; and the ground is solid under our feet and the road is open before us.”
    (also The Everlasting Man)

    I hope this helps.



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