Link of the Day: All His Eggs in Several Baskets

[High Praise! to 4of7 of Little Worlds]

Eggs, Easter Baskets, and Stuff Like That

And yes, you also get to play “find the penguin”!

Also, feel free to speculate on whose body was found in the “Tomb of the Unknown Sci-fi Geek”.

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  1. i like the blow up of kevin koastie. in fact, i had taken it up to 175% before i scrolled down and found that you had it at 250 or so.

    incidentally, i tried three times to post at your site yesterday and my comments vanished into the ether. which may be where they belong, but it’s not where i intended to send them.

    penguins in krill oil? that seems so wrong, somehow.

    e pluribus penguin


  2. I’ll check to make sure there’s nothing screwy with the comments function.
    The penguin will appear in one form or another as our hero’s career advances, like a guardian angel (or a stalker).
    Hmm… “e pluribus penguin”? I can use that!


  3. @# 4of7

    i just test name/url and it worked. the other day the verify portion wasn’t coming up. ok now it seems.



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