Link of the Day: I Really Hope You Didn’t Have Anything Else Planned for Tonight

(Submitted by CCO [High Praise!])

Little Alchemy

Drag stuff from the small pile of things in the right column over to the “working area” on the left. Pile them on top of each other. Certain combinations will transform into something else.

Keep dragging & dropping & clicking.

Look up just in time to notice the sun coming up over the horizon.

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  1. I’ve got this on my phone. It gets a little frustrating when you start running out of space to try stuff (I’m at like 240 of 450 combinations).


  2. AT–You can pull the stuff off the working space on the left onto the storage space on the right without losing them; the program stores a renewable instance of everything you’ve made, plus the classic four elements you started with. You can add A+B or you can add A + A (like and unlike or like and like) to make new stuff, but you knew that already.


  3. No yea, I know. But at some point in the game you’re like, “Oh, OK. Huh.” at some of the combinations.

    Like Tractor + Country. Only way I found that was by combining Tractor with EVERYTHING.

    Or Man + Yogurt. Only way you’d figure that out is by testing Man against everything you’ve already got. Which is tough with a small screen.


  4. AT–I didn’t see the “recycle” icon in the bottom right which clears the work space until after I said that.

    Country? Tractor? Don’t tell me, I’ll see if I can figure it out.



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