Link of the Day: When Habeneros Attack!

(Submitted by HokieGomer [High Praise!])

Habanero Peppers To Blame For Evacuation Of Jeffco Open School

The article is just news. Skim it quickly until you get the gist of it.

Then… enjoy the comments…

UPDATE: Looks like they turned the comments off or something, so that link just lost its entertainment value.

So… try creating your own solar system:

This online simulation was created by Stefano Meschiari (a postdoctoral fellow at The University of Texas at Austin) and allows would-be gods to create their own solar system of planets orbiting a central star. As you add more planets — with masses ranging from that of Earth to a giant planet with 300x the mass of Earth up to a dwarf star with 30,000x Earth’s mass — the gravitational forces between the planets may lead to your solar system’s doom. Earn points for the length of time your solar system survives, with bonuses for having more planets, habitable planets, and even a double-star system.


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  1. The planets game sounds like fun; and also educational, giving users a feel for physics. I know the only way I ‘d have any success at all would be via trial and error, as opposed to some whippersnapper with a calculator getting all clever.



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