Mystery Solved

Iowa Jim [High Praise!] recently asked, regarding the smug-looking liberal with the dreadlocks in this post:

Dare I ask which sex/gender/whatever the people who know what’s best for us are calling it this week, the creature in the picture is?

Mystery solved, thanks to “Know Your Meme

College Liberal (also known as “Female College Liberal” and “Bad Argument Hippie”) is an advice animal image macro series featuring a photo of a young Caucasian female with dreadlocks wearing a knitted cap. The captions typically portray the character as a naive and hypocritical left-wing political activist, referencing various clichés associated with the “hippie” subculture.

Here’s one example:

Lots more can be found here.

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  1. well, durn! I was looking for a name…like we got with Ethan Krupp. hmmm. wonder if they’re dating.


  2. well she’s won one thing, internet immortality. when ever a pic of a stupid left wing hippy is needed her face will be the go to pic for ever. I think ive seen her with one thing or another written on it a hundred times.


  3. Damn man, I got into that Know Your Meme site last night, and ended up spending an hour and a half reading Insanity Wolf.

    That’s some messed up hilarity there.



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