Obama Warned Us – Threat

No more stalling: Climate change deniers need to understand now that this is a real threat. http://ofa.bo/bTt #ActOnClimate


“This tweet, I mean. Not climate change.”

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  1. What the heck is “Act on Climate” supposed to mean? Are we suppose to go throw rocks at clouds or something? Lecture the Sun about it being too hot?

    What exactly is he asking of the individual reading that twit?


  2. Oh. I just followed the link.

    It’s money. He’s asking for money. For OFA.

    What does OFA have to do with climate whatever again?

    Re-elect Barack for a third term and he’ll draw a red line and lecture the weather about being on the right side of history?


  3. Climate change believers need to understand that science consists of making predictions and discarding models whose predictions aren’t borne out; it does not consist of explaining things after the fact.

    I’d say that Obama needs to understand this, too, but asking him to understand anything other than his own desire to be President would be asking too much.



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