Obama Warned Us – Truman

President Truman knew that our citizens deserve the opportunity to achieve and enjoy good health: http://ofa.bo/dXn


“He also knew that victory in war requires nuking your enemies into submission, but let’s not talk about that.”

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  1. Or taking steps to convince tyrants that if they do what they’re planning to do, it’s over. Kennedy did it, Nixon did it, the Bush’s did it. Carter didn’t know what “it” was; Clinton’s idea of “it” was to back the wrong side and bungle “it.”

    The idiot we have now doesn’t get “it” – because he doesn’t believe in freedom – and because he’s one of them: a tyrant.

    Continue preparations…


  2. @3 jw: A capital [and lowercase] point!

    When Truman was president, postage stamps were three cents. He never used the franking privilege of the presidency for sending letters to his sister. Asked why, in later years, he said, “Because they were personal. There was nothing official about them.”

    Can you imagine Michelle or Barry saying that?


  3. @6 Writer

    actually, that wasn’t Harry. it was that good catholic abbot Arnaud Amalric, who said “”Kill them. For the Lord knows those that are His own.” somewhere around 1209 during the Crusades.

    i think Harry probably approved during WWII, though.



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