Opportunity Knocking

Cuba is considering passing a new law that would give huge tax breaks to foreign investors.

Somewhere in the world, there’s a small watercraft company that’s about to make a killing.

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  1. Untrue. Cubans aren’t allowed to use boats. Otherwise they would flee to America. You should read Michael Totten’s reporting on Cuba. It was amazing and eye opening.


    “I mentioned to a Cuban woman inside the building that Playa Giron seemed like a great place for diving, swimming, and boating. “It’s the main industry here,” she said. “Of course, tourists can go out on boats but we can’t.”

    I just looked at her for a moment without blinking, then said, “Is that for the obvious reason?”

    Cuban communism triggered one of the biggest refugee crises in the history of the Western Hemisphere. More than a million people have fled Castro’s regime, many by water across the Straits of Florida clinging to anything at all that might float. One in three drowns, dies of thirst, or is torn to pieces by sharks before reaching Miami, yet they try anyway.

    She nodded. “Yes, we’re banned from boats for the obvious reason.” Then she paused. “We probably shouldn’t discuss this in here. They have the place wired.”

    I looked at her without blinking again. “Seriously?”

    She smiled. “I’m just kidding.””



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