Our Hero!

Posted on April 30, 2014 8:00 pm

Hillary Clinton dodged a shoe that was thrown at her while delivering a speech at a Las Vegas hotel.

You just know when she re-tells this story, it’ll become “dodging sniper fire, just like Bosnia!”

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4 Responses to “Our Hero!”

  1. Not an NSA Spy says:

    When I saw the video, I was very unimpressed. She didn’t dodge it the thrower missed. Hillary just stood there and curled up like a sissy after the shoe had already passed. Now Bush on the other hand he dodged shoes like a true leader.

  2. Not an NSA Spy says:

    Please pardon my run on sentence. I should start using the preview button.

  3. Oppo says:

    Sieg Heel!

    Check out the shoelace — it ain’t no ways tied.

  4. VelvetElvis says:

    Not so fast there!
    In this case, she wasn’t just dodging sniper fire.

    The M1 Abrams tank fires a 155mm sabot round.
    Know what “sabot” means in French?
    That’s right, it means “SHOE”.

    So our heroine Hillary was dodging TANK FIRE in Las Vegas!!!
    Toldja her b*llz were bigger than the Big Dog’s!!!

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