Palin Hate: Explained

[High Praise! to Liberal Logic 101]

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  1. i never understood the Palin hate, but i have never understood the Palin love either.

    breath of fresh air when she arrived on the scene, yes. however, she quit after a half term. she did not deserve the vile crap dumped on her, but she quit when the going got tough.

    she would be a good head of the RNC, though.


  2. JW: Plain was the target of dozens of unfounded ethics complaints. They cost her nearly a million in legal fees. Alaska state law prevented her from accepting any legal defense fund. She had to quit because she was nearly bankrupt and the State of Alaska was unable to conduct business because of the way the ethics rules are written.

    So, no, Palin didn’t ‘quit when the going got tough.’

    It’s not Palin love or hate that gets me, it’s the Palin apathy. Conservatives only seem to stand up for their favorite, first-pick candidates, but no one is a majority first pick, so we all lose. And then we end up with Romney and McCain.



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