Random Thoughts: April 1st, War on Science, and British Pronunciations

April 1st is a great day for Obama to announce that Obamacare has met all its goals.

Make everyday April Fools Day in that you look at everything on the internet with extreme skepticism.

“Is that funny?” -common question from my 3yo daughter. At what age do I teach her how to read her audience?

I hope my employer never realizes that minimum wage is much much lower than what they pay me.

“That was legend…” *wait 9 years for it* “…sucky.” #HIMYM

Stop taking the president’s speech so seriously; check the date.

I thought I lost the plan I liked and am paying more, but apparently everything is going great and I’m confused,

Think of all the good government can do simply with threats of fines and imprisonment.

How do you even know when you win a War On Science? Do magic and dragons come back?

So I’m a little confused: We were only 7 million away from universal health care coverage?

So did we ever find out what WWI was about? I guess it’s in a history book somewhere. Anyone find that book and read it?

How I Met the Footnote

What I’ve learned from Doctor Who is that the British pronounce really random words oddly.

Most random so far — patent is pronounced pay-tent.

And going from how they pronounce “schedule,” school isn’t pronounced “shul” is it?

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  1. The thing I didn’t like about How I Met Your Mother?

    All of the characters.

    Seriously, they were all scummy, shallow people, none of whom I’d want for a friend.

    Their cleverness never made up for their lack of basic human decency.


  2. “What I’ve learned from Doctor Who is that the British pronounce really random words oddly.”

    “Jag-you-are” is a nice car.


  3. Since all the major players in WWI were grandchildren of Queen Victoria, I’m guessing it started at a family dinner…But they don’t have Thanksgiving,, hmmm now I’m confused.


  4. “And going from how they pronounce “schedule,” school isn’t pronounced “shul” is it?”

    Well, actually, it’s pronounced and spelled “Schule.”

    Wait. Wrong country.


  5. I could have forgiven them for killing off the mother. What I can’t forgive is them spending the whole season, and part of last season, focused on a wedding for a marriage that didn’t even last. Plus they only did it so they could put Robin and Ted back together.


  6. “Al-you-men-eeum”
    One of the idiosyncratic pronunciations my Pop brought back from Great Britain after WWII.


  7. The adjective is pronounced “pay – tent”. The noun is pronounced pat – ent. This is correct pronunciation in the United States, as well.



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