Random Thoughts: Dumb + Angry and Soviet Propaganda

A functional media’s political coverage would be nothing but constant reminders that all politicians are idiots who shouldn’t be trusted.

7 million signed up for Obamacare – 6 million lost coverage =/= 40 million without coverage now insured

There I go, foolishly trying to apply math to a government program.

I did a reverse Colbert shtick promoting my book “Obama: The Greatest President in the History of Everything.” It’s surprisingly easy.

Well, easy compared to when I tried to do radio interviews straight and could never think of what to say.

So if you run a country, you get a free portrait painted by George W. Bush?

So when do you start being an adult? 40?

So far “explanatory journalism” just seems like a new varnish on soulless, partisan hackery.

If you’re upset about Condi and how she increased surveillance, there’s a really bad current president you should pay attention to.

A lot of election strategy can be explained with this simple equation: Dumb + Angry = Votes

When you see a new outrage, ask yourself: “If this a real issue or primarily to get dumb people angry?” It’s almost always the latter.

Oh, and when I say “dumb people,” I really just mean “people.”

When it comes to politics, we’re all idiots.

I don’t think it’s rational to have an irrational faith in there being a rational explanation to everything, but people are irrational.

I’m still waiting for Harry Reid to tell me what’s the connection between Heartbleed and the Koch brothers.

Three words that can fix Article III of the Constitution: “No Stevens allowed.”

Can you believe whether or not our rights will be infringed lay on the opinion of that boob? What idiocy led to this?

How in the world did the makers of automobiles think of the need for glove storage before the need for cup holders?

Maybe I should leverage my video game skills to make my profile sound better. “Achievement-winning columnist.”

Putting up Soviet propaganda posters in your home is a lot like putting up Nazi propaganda posters except it’s just as bad.

When did we decide that the millions killed by Nazis is the epitome of evil but the millions killed by Communists is kinda cute?

Great minds think alike; mediocre minds are nearly indistinguishable.

I thought steampunks were bullies who hang out in saunas.

“Ha! More like FAUX News!” -clever person who is probably very informed about current events

Communism is a great idea if you don’t like capitalism, economic inequality, or people in general.

We’re all going to die from global warming somewhere between 10 and 500,000,000 years from now.

Probably should just find another planet — one that’s not so whiny.

When in journalism school do they teach you how to pick appropriate animated GIFs?

The easiest way to beat a T. Rex is to get it in some venue where it’s forced to stick to Marquess of Queensberry rules.

“Grandfather, everyone had clocks on the wall like this?”
“They were needed way back when since TV shows only came on at certain times.”

The new Doctor Who is quite good, but the first season is a bit of a barrier to entry.

Don’t think I really got into the series until the 6th episode which introduced the Daleks.

I was really just starting to like Christopher Eccleston’s doctor when he departs the series. Hard to beat David Tennant, though (though Matt Smith makes an admirable try).

Actually, I really like Matt Smith’s more alien portrayal of him, but I am looking forward to the next to finally get an older Doctor.

In 6th season now. Apparently everything Steven Moffat pens is pure gold (goes for Sherlock, too).

Well, when wife and I run out of new episodes, there will still be 26 seasons of classic Doctor Who to check out.

Mad Men is still going? You’d think they’d be caught up to present day by now.

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  1. ‘W’ did paint a portrait of Barney. Maybe if you sent him an autographed copy of your ‘Chronicles’ he might consider doing you before you take office in 2017.


  2. On the classic Doctor Who, *SPOILER* you don’t see a full-on Dalek until the 6th episode. But the episodes are only half as long, so it doesn’t take as long in terms of minutes viewing.

    Plus, the First Doctor isn’t really all that old. William Hartnell was my age when that first episode was filmed. Okay, he was old. Ya kid, ya.


  3. “How in the world did the makers of automobiles think of the need for glove storage before the need for cup holders?”

    See, it was always really a gun box disguised as a “glove box.”


  4. “So when do you start being an adult? 40?”

    That’s what a lot of wives reportedly say about their husbands.


  5. “7 million signed up for Obamacare – 6 million lost coverage ≠ 40 million without coverage now insured”

    But yea, it’s working. Totally.

    Remind me again how many times has Sir Golfsalot been forced to XO his own law because it didn’t work? 40? You can’t even reasonably call it a “law” because President Downgrade is pretty much just making sh*t up as he goes along.



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