Random Thoughts: Game of Thrones and Rich People Against Income Inequality

That Joffrey chap seemed pretty awful, but at least he never tried to mess with Westeros’s health care.

There’s so many characters in GoT and it’s often hard to distinguish them. For instance, there’s 3 different guys in it named Bob Sacamano.

According to a poll, 35% say Obama is mixed race, 22% say he’s black, and 43% say he’s an idiot.

Sad day for Arya/Joffrey shippers.

The secret to all the weird stuff in the Resident Evil games is to realize that everyone in it is constantly munching on “herbs.”

So has the Game of Thrones TV series gotten to the part with the creator of the ice wall, Elsa, or is that spoilers?

GoT TV show watchers won’t have to worry about spoilers after this season since there’s nothing in books 4 or 5 worth spoiling.

Bet people are going to be happy we never shut down Gitmo when they start discussing where to send that Dutch girl.

You will find little in this universe more dishonest than rich people denouncing income inequality.

“One Weird Trick to Make People Think You’re Weird and Tricky”

Marty McFly should’ve disappeared as soon as he ran into his parents in the past; alter timing even slightly, completely different children.

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  1. “According to a poll, 35% say Obama is mixed race, 22% say he’s black, and 43% say he’s an idiot.”

    Only 43%?
    There are obviously more people on welfare and food stamps than the *official* numbers say.



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