Random Thoughts: Gay Marriage Bullies and Mr. Rogers

It’s really hard to fat-shame cats, but I’ll never stop trying.

The other late night hosts should all pull pranks on old man Letterman.

So in the time of Noah, everyone died from the rain? Not one person had an umbrella?

The biggest thing holding minorities back is not bringing up white privilege enough.

So are the bigots the ones trying to bully certain opinions out of the public arena or the other ones?

Where did the religious nuts come up with the man/woman combination for marriage anyway?

If you have a rational, coherent argument for gay marriage, then you don’t need to bully and silence everyone who disagrees.

Problem is with gay marriage, is it’s been mainly an emotional argument — successful, but more emotional than rational.

Part of that is there is nothing really rational about marriage. It is a religious ceremony at its heart.

It all seems less and less about civil right and more about being able to punish people who disagree.

There little respect for the spirit of free speech. We should value dissenting opinions, not crush them.

If you think there’s no argument for the concept of marriage that’s been the norm for thousands of years, you have a small mind.

You can disagree with the concept of traditional marriage, but to act like there is no argument for it is pure idiocy.

Problem with self-driving cars is that when two of them stop next to each other at a stoplight, their algorithms end up in a race condition.

Repeatedly told my daughter today not to be bossy. I banned her being bossy.

Found out that Amazon Prime has Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, so goodbye all you new children’s show crap.

She actually really likes Mr. Rogers. Says it reminds her of Daniel Tiger 🙁

How do I explain to her that compared to Mr. Rogers, Daniel Tiger is but the shadows on the cave wall?

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  1. Another problem with self-driving cars is that Dems will turn over control of the inerstatenet to Europe, and our cars will start driving on the left.

    Drive-thru windows will become a nightmare, and human-driven cars will be wiped out via attrition.


  2. Marriage, ” It is a religious ceremony at its heart”. With that thought in mind, it becomes apparent that the government licensing/ regulating/ subsidizing a specific religious ritual is a clear violation of my constitutional rights.


  3. Repeatedly told my daughter today not to be bossy. I banned her being bossy.

    It’s futile. Your daughter is both female and American. That means that being bossy is her essence.



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