Random Thoughts: Hillary’s Age and Two Americas

Maybe we need to be a little more discriminating about what we’re tolerant about.

Hillary doesn’t look any older than what Senator Palpatine was when he ran for president.

If we split America into poor man’s America and rich man’s America, we could really reduce inequality within each of those two Americas.

Or did we already do that with the North/South America thing?

Gangsters ruined pinstriped suits. You can’t wear a pinstriped suit while holding a Tommy gun without someone thinking you’re a gangster.

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  1. Full disclosure, my neighbor is a ‘Progressive’ politician. Today is Earth Day. I thought I would forgo my usual celebration of shooting bunnies and squirrels this year. Instead I and going outside to start the 8 cyclinder Vortec Engine on my Silverado and to celebrate earth day idle the truck in front of my progressive neighbor’s house with a celebrate earth day sign on the bed of the truck.


  2. …if the left wing media made such a big deal out of McCain, Dole, and Reagan being “too old” when they ran for President, I’m sure they will point out the sale flaw with Mrs. Clinton with the same fervor.



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