Random Thoughts: Literacy, Hillary, and Hitler

We have near 100% literacy, but long ago, literacy used to be rare. And I bet blog comment sections were a lot more intelligent back then.

What was the hard choice that Hillary made? Whether to stick with her sexually abusive husband because it helped her political career?

Paul Krugman considers carefully the opinions of everyone in his sensory deprivation chamber.

Hate it when you notice nails need trimming but forget to do it before you go out the door and spend rest of day feeling like Freddy Krueger

Pretty much everyone is an extremist. We shouldn’t trust anyone. Even ourselves. I have no idea what I’m talking about.

We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal and that Die Hard is a Christmas movie.

So it was global warming that caused the flood, and it wasn’t God that warned Noah about it but climate scientists.

He knew all your faults. All your failures. The darkness in your soul you never admitted to anyone. And His reaction was to die for you.

Science can find answers to all the questions except the important ones.

I shutdown my computer to try and be more productive, but it didn’t work at my programming job 🙁

I’m not sure how this will affect her presidential campaign, but doctors say Hillary Clinton is suffering from the early stages of oldness.

I wouldn’t want to be a king because then I’d just constantly worry about my crown molding.

Snowden seems like a bit of a useful idiot. I’m just not quite sure useful to whom.

Hillary would go into the presidential race with much more experience than Obama had at being a blank cipher.

I just looked up Hitler on Wikipedia and he was not a nice guy. I’m sorry I compared you all to him.

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  1. When computers were bigger and slower programmers played a lot more basketball between compiles. Now I barely have enough time to put on my Keds.

    Home Depot usually has crown molding on sale. Next time I go I’ll be more careful to check for royalty. (They probably wear special orange vests or something.)

    I shaved off my hitler stash just cuz of you…


  2. Hillary seems to have a particularly aggressive and virulent strain of oldness. This is usually proves fatal though the sufferer may linger and continue deteriorating for years.


  3. I don’t think you really need to worry so much about crown molding as you do the green ring across your forehead.


  4. I’m not sure how this will affect her presidential campaign, but doctors say Hillary Clinton is suffering from the early stages of oldness.

    Fascinating (and relevant) fact: Mitt Romney is seven and a half months older than Hillary Clinton. Based on their appearances, I would have guessed that he was about ten years younger. Perhaps its the abstention from tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine, but my guess is that it’s just that Mitt isn’t a corrupt, power-hungry shrew.



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