Random Thoughts: Microsoft, Inequality, and Captain America

Microsoft plans on adding web browser functionality to its security hole.

I would like gun control. That’s like how Aquaman has fish control, right?

Just let market forces solve these problems. I’m not sure why the supermarket has a private military, but I’d stay out of their way.

Have we solved racism yet?

I thought the Bible said something about coveting your neighbor’s wealth.

Inequality in the U.S. is millionaires complaining they have so much less than billionaires.

So is smoking pot a better or worse idea than smoking cigarettes?

Saw Captain America 2 over the weekend. Thought it was one of the best Marvel movies so far.

I’ll give high marks to any action movie these days if I can just generally tell what’s going on most of the time.

Haven’t seen the new Thor yet. Don’t really care about Thor, but I feel like I have to see it before the next Avengers movie.

Captain America 2 also did something amazing: Made me interested in watching Agents of SHIELD again.

Why was Chris Evans chosen to play Captain America? Ben Affleck wasn’t available?

Don’t know a thing about Guardians of the Galaxy, but it looks fun. Really like Chris Pratt from Parks & Rec.

Do I have to get my wife something for Mother’s Day? She’s not my mom.

Which political party probably has more racists: The one that gets constant scrutiny for racism or the one that somehow avoids any scrutiny?

My only request for a Justice League movie is that it be extremely serious and completely joyless. And have Aquaman.

I forget: Did Chuck Hagel become Secretary of Defense or pass away?

What is the Obama Doctrine? Anything is okay as long as it was done by a drone?

Kerry is going to look carefully for anything controversial in his next speech tentatively titled “It’s Time to Do Something About the Jews”

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  1. I don’t like being reminded of how close we came to Al Gore or John Kerry being President. But now that we have Barack Obama (and John Kerry as Secretary of State), what difference, at this point, does it make?!

    What a slow-motion train wreck.


  2. So is smoking pot a better or worse idea than smoking cigarettes?

    Well, in my experience, cigarette smokers have better manners than pot smokers (admittedly, that’s not a very high standard).


  3. “Do I have to get my wife something for Mother’s Day? She’s not my mom.”

    Well, that depends….do you like sleeping peacefully knowing that you’ll wake up whole the next morning?
    These are the questions one must ask themself when making important decisions such as these.


  4. If you get back into “Marvel: Agents of SHIELD” you need to back up about 4 episodes. Ever since Sif took Lorelei back to Odin on Asgard, Agents of SHIELD has been pretty interesting.



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