Random Thoughts: NRA, Racists, and Mullets

Interesting thing about NRA: Organized people with lots of guns who then got their way using only peaceful means. America!

There are only two types of people who don’t like bigger government:
1. Racists
2. Double Racists

Triple racists are actually for a very powerful, controlling federal government.

You can’t vehemently denounce racism and bigotry and give a show to Al Sharpton.

Demographics doom the GOP because history shows once a race overwhelmingly votes for one party, that never changes.

MacGyver was such a popular show because Americans were fascinated by the concept of a guy with a mullet being smart.

What Snowden did was a bit like seeking asylum in pre-Civil War South to protest slavery.

I have the same attitude as the guy from Safety Dance about friends, except replace “dance” with “play video games.”

I got a new idea: Let’s make fun of the NRA as extremists and then gun control will be popular again.

I always scan for bugs before going into racist rants.

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  1. Thanks for the bit about Snowden. I’d been casting about for a good metaphor. That’ll do nicely.


  2. Remember the final episode of MacGyver? Imagine how history would remember him if he revealed his first name to be Billy Ray…



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