Random Thoughts: Stolen Joke, Opposition to Abortion, and Mustaches

How Frozen Should Have Ended is quite funny… because they stole my joke!

I’m the only possible person who could have come up with that joke.

I’d rant against income inequality for $25,000 a month.

Opposition to abortion stems from it involving ripping apart a tiny human. It’s not that hard to understand, really.

Pretending anything other than the dislike of ripping apart tiny humans is central to the opposition of abortion just makes you an idiot.

You can say, “I disagree that ripping apart tiny humans is a big deal,” but just understand that that’s central to the argument.

The main thing that distinguishes humans from the other apes is the ability to grow a mustache.

We’re going to spend $600 million on job training for the president? Will that be enough?

Evolution: “You may have thought dinosaurs were fearsome before, but now I’ve given them a few upgrades.”
*out walks a chicken*

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  1. Obama: “You Republicans may have thought healthcare in America was working before, but now I’ve given it a few upgrades”
    *out walks Obamacare*


  2. The old fake mustache has tricked many ape hating women, and gotten most Ivy League college girls to return to their favorite bar night after night.



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