Random Thoughts: Truth to Power, OWS, and How I Met Your Mother

Who’s Ronan Farrow?

Speak truth to power! Speak lies to weakness! Speak platitudes to the mediocre!

But have people who are predicting the GOP will win the Senate this year factored in the transformative effect of Occupy Wall Street?

So, with How I Met Your Mother, basically the actors who played the kids knew the ending for eight years.

That was a very ambitious attempt, How I Met Your Mother, but nothing can be as bad as the Lost finale.

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  1. @6 Nonsense. The BSG was normal finale bad. It attempted to resolve things — it just did so poorly. What made the Lost finale so spectacularly bad is the writers basically just threw their hands in the air and gave up trying to resolve all the threads they had left lying around.


  2. Uh, the show was called How I Met Your Mother so the focus of the finale should have been on the MOTHER instead of all that sugary jive about what happened to the ol’ gang. Because of that, it was an impressive fail. Touching, decently acted, but a plot fail. All they showed was a few minutes of that gal smiling and flashing her big brown eyes in a few scenes. Maybe she threw an off camera fit and the EP and director cut down her scenes.



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