Sadly, Not Real

April Fools Day from ThinkGeek:

Laser-Guided Tactical Necktie

Don’t settle for a tie when you could win

This necktie is guaranteed to give you the tactical advantage. Use the MOLLE attachment system to bring along a set of your own whiteboard markers (because nobody ever throws the bad ones away), a first aid kit for those nasty handout papercuts, even your travel mug via carabiner (quick-release for those caffeine emergencies mid-meeting). But the best part is the built-in Class II laser, which you can use to bring attention to your important points, entertain office cats, or blind the random meeting-interrupting zombie. Once you experience ThinkGeek’s Tactical Necktie with Laser Pointer, you’ll wonder how you ever survived a meeting without it.

I’m with the commenters – there’s no reason for this not to be a real thing.

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