Stop Helping Blind People, You’re No Good At It

This has got to be in the running for “worst idea since Obamacare“:

Shruti Nivas, a product designer in Pune, India, developed this design that she calls “Sign.” It’s a navigational cane for visually impaired people. It has 2 buttons, one of which has a raised mark so that the user can distinguish between them. They light up the surface either red or green.

The red light alerts passersby that the user is attempting to cross a street, board a bus, or perform some other possibly dangerous task. The green light is a request for assistance.

So, signal green, the color that usually means “everything is A-OK”, when you need help.

And signal red, the color that means “I am hazardous to your health”, when you’re about to do something you might very well need help with.

I’m signaling green on this one.

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