Straight Line of the Day: NBC Is Asking Viewers for Suggestions for Better Sitcoms. How About…

Posted on April 11, 2014 12:00 pm

Works like this: I feed you Moon Nukers a straight line, and you hit me with a punch line in the comments.

NBC is asking viewers for suggestions for better sitcoms. How about…

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56 Responses to “Straight Line of the Day: NBC Is Asking Viewers for Suggestions for Better Sitcoms. How About…”

  1. Steve H says:

    … a show where the men aren’t dunces, the wives aren’t always right about everything, the kids respect their elders, and the religious people aren’t gun-totting child molesters.

  2. walruskkkch says:

    NBC is asking viewers for suggestions for better sitcoms. How about…

    ones written by fewer liberals.

  3. jw says:

    michelle obama on weight loss

    jay carney trying to keep a straight face

    “obama is the A-Team”

    “Anthropogenic Global Warming”

  4. jw says:

    Jeb Bush, Agent of ICE

    Rob Ford, Ethical Politician

    Al Sharpton, Race Healer

  5. walruskkkch says:

    NBC is asking viewers for suggestions for better sitcoms. How about…

    “Left Wing” : A kooky Komedy about an “in over his head” President who falls back on his early socialist training to get through one crazy adventure after another. Includes a silly sidekick of a moronic Vice-President, several bossy women who spend too much money and a series of very nervous dogs.

  6. Gendaibushi says:

    A bubbling, race-baiting communist oaf tries his hand as president of the United States… oh wait.

  7. Bob B says:

    …”The Kathleen Sebelius Show”? I understand she needs a new gig, and her Obamacare proclamations were a laugh riot…

  8. jw says:

    Utopia, filmed in Detroit

    Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Fashion Tips and Public Speaking (with nancy pelosi)

    Daddy Daycare starring harry reid

  9. Jimmy says:

    “The Bong Show” – starring ex-presidents who visit Seattle and Denver to get stoned.

  10. Iowa Jim says:

    “Dumb, Dumber, and Dumbest”: Barack, Joe, and Eric get involved in wacky situations that require them to know things like the difference between a door and a window, which way you turn a screw to tighten it, what the three branches of the federal government are, how many states comprise the USA, and how to balance a checkbook.

  11. jw says:


    a joint production by those who brought you “my mother the car” and “windows 8”

  12. can of spam says:

    … “The Way The Cookie Crumbles”, a saga of a bunch of smart-alecs who try to track down a missing cookie baker.

  13. can of spam says:

    … “Survivor: Kansas” (reality/comedy) Urban liberals shipped off the the heartland to try and survive among normal people.

  14. Jimmy says:

    “Two And A Half Perverts” – a show were various sodomists get the crap kicked out of them by a new generation of normal kids.

  15. can of spam says:

    Pun time…

    “How I Meat Your Mother” – Teenage boys and the cougars who love them (long time).

    “Two and a Half-Man” – Romantic comedy love triangle between two gay guys and a transsexual.

  16. walruskkkch says:

    NBC is asking viewers for suggestions for better sitcoms. How about…

    Ultimate Survivor: A group of rich hypocritical liberals live on Manhattan Island and each week vote off the island the person with the worst carbon footprint until there are none left.

  17. jw says:

    @13 can of spam

    a former Kansan myself, i must point out that sebelius was elected governor of Kansas.


    normal people may be harder to find than you think.

  18. Jimmy says:

    “The Day After Yesterday” – about life in the big city as Veeshir’s “Funniest End Of Civilization Ever” occurs.

  19. jw says:

    Law and Order: Eric Holder

  20. Gendaibushi says:

    “Kashyyyk Shake” Michelle Obama opens a dance studio.

  21. Jimmy says:

    “The Big Bong Theory” – viewers watch in amused horror as choom bongs get bigger and bigger resulting in everything going wrong in their lives.

  22. Jimmy says:

    “Six In The City” – the only people left in Detroit try to survive in a rat-invested hell hole.

  23. jw says:

    “Mr. Ed” starring john kerry

  24. can of spam says:

    @17: “a former Kansan myself, i must point out that sebelius was elected governor of Kansas.”

    I should have known that, but that page was missing from my binder.

  25. Bob B says:

    Come ride the little train that is rolling down the rail to the junction.
    (Pettifog Junction)
    Forget about the truth, there’s no threat of jail at the junction.
    (Pettifog Junction)

    Lotsa lies, you bet. Even more when you get
    To the junction, Pettifog Junction.

    There’s a little cabal run by shady pests at the junction.
    (Pettifog Junction)
    It is run by Barry, no one fears arrest at the junction.
    (Pettifog Junction)
    And that’s Uncle Joe; he’s a thinkin’ kind of slow at the junction,
    Pettifog Junction.

  26. Steve H says:

    @25 – I’m so slow today, at first I thought this was Schoolhouse Rock.

  27. Jimmy says:

    “The Life And Times of Al Gore” – it’s funny, of course, because, like the man, it’s all fake.

    “Whose Life Is It, Anyway?” – a superman-like character rescues babies who are about to be aborted. The aborting doctors get thrown in dumpsters, instead.

  28. c64wood says:

    …a show about professional sitcom writers that have totally run out of ideas years ago and now are asking the public for help.

  29. Bob B says:

    …”Unfortunately, A Page is Missing…”, a wickedly satirical take on…aaaah…I just had it here…O dear…never mind…

  30. Oppo says:

    “She’s The Banned Word”

  31. Oppo says:

    “F Troops”
    (AKA Rules of Engagement)

  32. Jimmy says:

    “The Boston T.E.A. Party” – a Conservative comedy set in a Liberal city where bloggers play tricks and pranks on stupid Federal agents. It’s a real, embarrassing “Who Dunnit?” as the Fed’s never find out who… did it.

  33. Oppo says:

    “Mork & Mandate”

  34. Jimmy says:

    “Rick Steve’s Islamic Europe” – if you don’t think that’s funny, you’re racist!

  35. Oppo says:

    “The Love Boatpeople”

  36. Dohtimes says:

    …Two and a Man Half: Gay cannibals gone wild.

    …Roots 2014, Americans who have grown into their sofas.

    …Two and a Half Men, Sandra Fluke’s Got Talents.

    …Friday Night Live With a Drunken Alec Baldwin Jello Wrestling Lana Wachowski.

    …In Search Of… Leonard Nimoy searches for a liberal funnier than Leonard Nimoy.

  37. Oppo says:

    ‘Dem’ is The Menace

    “My Three Somes” (starring Sandra Fluke)

  38. Burt says:

    An all male “Bachelor” where not only is one contestant eliminated each week but the object of everyone’s desire is randomly chosen from the remainder.

  39. jw says:

    “Monk” starring bill clinton

    “two guys, a girl and a pizza” starring joe biden, barack obama, michelle obama and

    (premier only) Bo the portuguese water dog

    “Stalag 13” starring Vlad Putin and barack “i know nothing” obama

  40. Burt says:

    “Waco Ridge” in which the BLM introduces Canadian wolves onto the Bundy Ranch.

  41. Oppo says:

    “Fatwa Knows Best”

    “Welcome Back, Qatar”

    “Boson Buddies” (starring Prof. Higgs)

  42. jw says:

    “Secret Agent” starring eric snowden and (redacted)

    “I Was a Teenage Werewolf for the FBI” starring Lena Dunham. sponsered by NAIR

    “Friday Night Fights” starring Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and special guest star Monica Lewinsky

  43. Jimmy says:

    “The Obamanable Snowman” starrying Barack H. Obama as himself.

  44. Burt says:

    “Where in the World is Michelle?” Opens with a ‘cellphie’ then viewers text their guesses to a 900 number. First correct answer gets an Obamacare waiver.

  45. Oppo says:

    “The Jihad Couple”

    “Malcolm in the Mideast”

    “Onesie Day at a Time”

    “The Beverly HillBilleries”

  46. Jimmy says:

    “Captain Bong-a-roo” – hippies in Washington and Colorado smoke their brains out while competing for the lowest IQ in the lower 48 conterminous states.

  47. Jimmy says:

    “What’s Yours Is Negotiable” – somewhat like Wheel-Of-Fortune, contestants spin a large Federal tax wheel with prizes while avoiding landing on squares that strip them of their property. Of course, the game is rigged and the loser’s antics (like wailing and crying) is hilarious. Bankrupt players are booted into an actual poor house called “Camp LaLoser” (for re-education).

  48. Writer says:

    …NEVADA-the hunt for BLS agents. A price on the heads of these “agents” and their attack dogs.

  49. Jimmy says:

    “Kill Your Television” – led by the new superhero “Teleman,” families and their kids are convinced to sledgehammer their TV’s. This one promises to be a lot like the movie “Death Race 2000,” with lots of collateral damage. Show sponsors include talk radio stations and restaurants.

  50. Oppo says:

    “That Seventy-Two Virgins Show”

  51. Oppo says:

    “One Gay At A Time”

  52. Oppo says:

    “Whose Red Line Is It Anyway?”

  53. Oppo says:

    “Sanford & Sun”
    (hilarious disappearance of a governor for South American extramarital affair)


    “Sanford and ‘Son’ ”
    (not-so-hilarious hijinks of a president interjecting himself into a shooting in Sanford, Florida)

  54. Bad Science says:

    NBC is asking viewers for suggestions for better sitcoms. How about…
    Max Fredroom: Fred Thompson wills a version of himself onto the internet, who then pops up on TVs and computer screens of government employees doing wrong things. Max Fred then punches the wrongdoers into the sun. Or converts the people who attend their fundraisers into penniless hobos. Or something else that wrecks their evil plans in a very humiliating and awesome way.

  55. CLIFF says:

    ‘Fairy Mason’

  56. Writer says:

    Lets try for “Reality”.
    The Liberals scream at everyone, cry when they don’t get their way, refuse to look for “Gainful Employment and accuse everyone else of being unfair to them. They want money for nothing, free healthcare, free sex and bitch if someone complains about them not doing their share.

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