That’s One Way of Putting It

Shortly after arriving in Europe, President Obama reminded our allies that the US is “moving toward a leaner military”.

Apparently his cheery euphemism for “hope you like borscht and vodka”.

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  1. If he insists on putting it in physiological terms, he could just say our military is both anorexic and bulimic, and on a regimen of purgatives. And Eastern Bloctose intolerant.

    What, he didn’t ask the Europeans to praise him for freeing them from NATO-lock?


  2. Obama, by Executive Order, has put in effect reductions to the equipment to be issued to combat soldiers: Eliminated are the Kevlar helmet and body armor along with camouflage uniforms , as they are now seen as a superfluous expense and provide an “unfair advantage” in warfighting. The Harvard College Marching Band uniform will be the standard BDU. Weapons contracts with Armalite and Glock have been cancelled and replaced by one with Daisy. Armored units will have their tanks replaced with Radio Flyer red wagons, and armed with bottles of soda and Mentos. Intel support will come from Ouija boards, Tarot cards, and tea leaves.



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