This Is Why I Hate Reality TV

Magician does mind-boggling tricks (seriously, those doves look like they’re coming out of thin air).

But instead of letting you sit and watch the magician so that you can be amazed, the show’s Director insists on splicing in reaction shots of judges, audience members, and even that idiot in the wings being amazed.

You know… because if the show didn’t splice in close-ups of pretty people being amazed, you wouldn’t know how to feel, because you’re a moron who couldn’t be amazed by an amazing thing without knowing how the pretty people feel about it, first.

It’s the same patronizing attitude that Democrats have about… well, everything… in your life. They’re surprised you can tie your shoes because there’s no Department of Shoe-Tying to issue guidelines on safe shoe-tying techniques.

Anyway, I’m done grousing. Watch the video (start at 1:22 to skip all the boring intro junk), and be entertained. The guy really is quite talented.

[Darcy Oake’s jaw-dropping dove illusions | Britain’s Got Talent 2014] (Viewer #11,825,806)

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