Tough Call

A woman was caught on video trashing a New York City diner — smashing glass ketchup bottles against a mirror and TV — after a manager asked her to leave for screaming into her cellphone for 30 minutes.

Authorities aren’t sure whether to press charges or give her a reality show.

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  1. It’s the manager’s fault. Apart from being a flaming racist, insensitive to the possibly different cultural norms of urban African Americans (speaking loudly on the telephone might be perfectly acceptable to that demographic, and he should have assumed that it was – how would a white guy know otherwise?), it is clear from the body language visible on the tape that he told her to stop being so “bossy.” Such a racist, sexist tool of the white patriarchy deserved to be punched in the face. Repeatedly. The world awaits his groveling apology, and in the meantime, the diner should be forced out of business for having hired him.



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