Unlike Obamacare, This Gets Better and Better as it Goes

(Submitted by jw [High Praise!])

[Lindzee – Amelymeloptical illusion] (Viewer #1,313,164)

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  1. 1. I am so doing this at my next party.
    …to the sound of broken glass and “Wait, let me start again”

    Thanks, jw and Harvey.

    2. At the end there: something about a Parc of Angers?
    Lighten up, French earthquake-blocking dudes! Spin those white-flag “Oo-La-La” Hoops!


  2. I always wondered why I don’t have much coordination in my fingers. I now realize that guys like this must have stolen it from me (and apparently countless others, too) at birth and kept it for themselves.
    Seriously, I’d probably shatter my hands trying to do that!



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