Barack Obama: Angry Black Man

[High Praise! to Hot Air]

Don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”

[Obama Is So Mad] (Viewer #20,226)

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  1. Ohole mad and hell? Big deal. Toddlers get mad all the time. If a man gets mad he will take care of the problem. Maybe if mooch would give him one of her testicles he could man up enough to be mad.


  2. An now we have another classic Obama Administration scandal in the making at the VA. 1. It is announced that the president is angry and disappointed about the situation and will get to the bottom of it. 2. Simultaneously it’s announced that the president was unaware of the situation until he saw the media reports and there will be a complete investigation into the matter. 3. A mid level bureaucrat (who was going to retire anyway) announces his/her resignation while a couple others are placed on paid leave. 4. At subsequent news conferences Jay Carney announces he can’t comment on the situation because…”it’s under investigation.” 5. Eventually the news media (except Fox News) grows board or indifferent to the story and stops covering it. The only difference I see between this and the other scandals du jour is that rank and file Democrat politicians are as angry about this (or at least claim to be) as rank and file Republican pols. We’ll see.


  3. The problem for the politicians this time is that there are a hell of a lot more veterans in this country than there are politicians – and every one of them has a stake in seeing how this mess plays out.
    And of course, besides the veterans there are all the friends and families of the veterans – which probably includes just about every family in America.
    I mean, even if you never served in the military, you probably know someone who has, right?
    The trick to being a successful politician is to Only piss off one minority of the population at a time.
    When their tricks manage to piss off a Majority of the population (like veterans and people who know veterans) then they’re done.
    Or at least we may hope so.



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