If IMAO Had a Flag, It Would Be Flying at Half Staff

4of7 of Little Worlds lost his wife after a long illness.

I grieve with him. I know what it’s like to have your dearest love separated from your life, to feel the agonizing emptiness of her absence, and to pray for a swift reuniting.

You can leave your thoughts and prayers either here or there, but I think it’s probably better there so that he can have all your well-wishing in one place if he wants to re-read it for solace.

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  1. I am truly sorry for your loss, 4. Our thoughts and prayers are for you tonight, that God grant you the serenity in your knowedge of her whereabouts and the strength to endure until you are reunited.


  2. Thanks, everybody.
    We held a memorial service for my wife at our parish church on May 19.
    I broke down and cried during the singing of “Blessing Prayer” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSOm9FA9Tvcg by our church choir.
    7 hours later I burst out laughing while my brother and I watched “Godzilla” in 3D at the local theater.
    Today I dropped my mom and my sister off at the airport for their flight home, and in the afternoon I mowed my lawn and then visited a little old lady in the hospital. (a friend).
    Tomorrow I go back to work.
    Oh, I’ll miss her for as long as I live, but Life Goes On.



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